RNC Raised a Record-Breaking $8.2M in November | NTK Network RNC Raised a Record-Breaking $8.2M in November

RNC Raised a Record-Breaking $8.2M in November

The Republican National Committee (RNC) now has raised over $120 million in 2017.

By NTK Staff | 12.20.2017 @6:33pm
RNC Raised a Record-Breaking $8.2M in November

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Wednesday that it had raised $8.2 million in November, the most the RNC has ever raised in November of a non-election year.

“As President Trump follows through on his campaign promises, our grassroots support continues to grow across the America,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “As I travel the country, I see how enthusiastic the hardworking American families are about receiving tax cuts, better jobs, and higher wages and Republicans are committed to creating jobs and spurring economic growth.”

The RNC has raised over $120 million through the first 11 months 2017, and has close to $40 million cash on hand.

RNC Finance Chairman Steve Wynn said the record-breaking $8.2 million “is a continuation of the broad support the Republican Party has enjoyed since the Inauguration of President Trump.”

“With [the] passage of the upcoming tax bill we expect even more Americans will recognize and celebrate the simple fact that the President is a man of action for the working people of America who will now keep more of their own money,” Wynn added.

While the RNC’s fundraising has thrived under the leadership of McDaniel, the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) fundraising has floundered under the leadership of Tom Perez.

The DNC has not released it’s November fundraising numbers, but its October fundraising numbers were the lowest since 2003.

As of October, the DNC had only $5 million cash on hand while owing $3.2 million in debts.

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