RNC Reverses Course and Backs Roy Moore in Alabama | NTK Network RNC Reverses Course and Backs Roy Moore in Alabama

RNC Reverses Course and Backs Roy Moore in Alabama

The organization appears to be following the lead of President Trump, who has endorsed Moore but was initially silent after accusations of child molestation.

By NTK Staff | 12.05.2017 @11:00am
RNC Reverses Course and Backs Roy Moore in Alabama

Less than one month ago, the headline “RNC cuts off Moore” blared across the Politico home page.

Today, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is singing a different tune about Alabama Republican Roy Moore.

The RNC’s about face came as President Donald Trump declared his full support for Moore on Twitter Monday morning.

Multiple women, including women who were minors at the time, have accused Moore of sexual harassment and assault. Moore denies the charges. He’s locked in an election battle with Democrat Doug Jones, and while the state leans heavily Republican, the accusations have given Jones surprising life in the race.

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted:

That move appears to have pushed the RNC to follow suit. The Washington Post speculates on Trump’s reasons for speaking out on Moore’s behalf and the RNC following suit:

One senior White House official said Trump jumped in for a few reasons: because aides convinced him that his support could push Moore to victory, because he would probably take part of the blame if Moore lost and because he didn’t like the idea of backing Moore less than full-throatedly.

The race has exposed some tensions between RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and the White House, White House officials and advisers said. After Trump returned from Asia, he began expressing frustrations that the RNC backed away — even though he was apprised of the decision at the time.

McDaniel, according to one person close to her, felt boxed in and feels like the episode has been a bit of an embarrassment. She also wanted to quickly show the president that the RNC was loyal.

For their part, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is standing by its decision to stay out of the Alabama senate race.

The Alabama special election is being held on December 12.

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