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Romney Defends Trump at Utah Senate Debate

Former Gov. Mitt Romney debated his primary opponent, state Rep. Mike Kennedy, in Salt Lake City Tuesday night.

By NTK Staff | 05.30.2018 @11:15am
Romney Defends Trump at Utah Senate Debate

U.S. Senate candidates Mitt Romney and Mike Kennedy, a Utah state representative, debated in Tuesday night in Salt Lake City on issues ranging from Israel, China, and North Korea, to the deficit, banning the sale of bump stocks, and trade.

During the debate, Kennedy sought to paint Romney as anti-Trump, but the Associated Press noted the former Massachusetts governor “parried the criticism of his opponent.”

Romney praised President Trump’s handling of issues like trade with China, the diplomatic situation with North Korea, and immigration.

The president endorsed Romney months ago, and Romney used the debate to remind his primary opponent of that fact. Trump “respects people who call them like they see them,” Romney said.

The two candidates largely agreed that the country is spending too much, but differed on how they would bring about a solution in Washington, D.C.:

The national debt has been Kennedy’s marquee issue, and he said he’d vote against any omnibus spending bills.

Romney agreed, and said he’d bring together a group of senators he knows ahead of time to say they won’t vote on such spending bills.

The plan is in line with Romney’s pitch that his high political profile would bring Utah more clout in Washington than the average freshman senator.

Romney also said he supported a ban on bump stocks, the mechanism used to turn a semi-automatic weapon into a defacto automatic. Bump stocks entered the national conversation when a gunman used them to killed dozens in Las Vegas last October.

This marked the final debate between the two candidates before the June 26 Utah primary.

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