Ruddy: Trump to Make 'One or Two Major Changes' to Cabinet | NTK Network Ruddy: Trump to Make ‘One or Two Major Changes’ to Cabinet

Ruddy: Trump to Make ‘One or Two Major Changes’ to Cabinet

The Trump confidant told ABC that Chief of Staff John Kelly's job is safe.

By NTK Staff | 03.25.2018 @9:50am

Newsmax editor and Trump confidant Chris Ruddy told ABC News on Sunday that America should expect “one or two major changes” in President Trump’s cabinet in the near future.

Appearing on This Week, Ruddy told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that a few cabinet members were in trouble.

“[Trump] did say he’s expecting to make one or two major changes to his government very soon,” he said. The Newsmax editor predicted that Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin would soon exit the administration.

But he shot down “fake news reports” that the president would replace White House Chief of Staff John Kelly or HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

“The president is happy with the job [Kelly] is doing. He will be staying,” the confidant said.

Ruddy said that the president does not believe his administration to be in a state of chaos and that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“The president told me he’s perplexed by all of these reports there’s chaos at the White House,” he added. “He thinks the White House is operating like a ‘smooth machine.'”

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