Russia Vows to Build 'Killer Robots' in Face of International Regulation | NTK Network Russia Vows to Build ‘Killer Robots’ in Face of International Regulation

Russia Vows to Build ‘Killer Robots’ in Face of International Regulation

Moscow thumbed their nose at international efforts to regulate 'Terminator'-style killers, DefenseOne reports.

By NTK Staff | 11.24.2017 @2:00pm
Russia Vows to Build ‘Killer Robots’ in Face of International Regulation

Russia balked at international efforts to regulate “lethal autonomous weapons systems” (LAWS) in a November 10 press statement on potential global regulations on the technology, according to a report from DefenseOne.

Moscow made clear that it would ignore all international rules surrounding the development of LAWS. “Russia announced that it would adhere to no international ban, moratorium or regulation on such weapons,” DefenseOne’s Patrick Tucker wrote.

Russia attempted to blur the line between civilian and military technological development in its statement:

The difficulty of making a clear distinction between civilian and military developments of autonomous systems based on the same technologies is still an essential obstacle in the discussion on LAWS. It is hardly acceptable for the work on LAWS to restrict the freedom to enjoy the benefits of autonomous technologies being the future of humankind.

The report also noted that the Russian company that brought the world the AK-47 is developing artificial military intelligence technology:

Other attendees noted that Russian defense contractors, notably Kalashnikov, are already marketing weapons with artificial intelligence features such as autonomous targeting and firing. Defining a killer robot doesn’t seem to be an obstacle when the objective is selling them.

It should come as no surprise, though, that Russia is aggressively pursuing “killer robots.” Tucker writes that the Russian Ministry of Defense crafted a strategy in 2014 to develop artificial military intelligence by 2025.

And earlier this year, the Russian military developed a Terminator-style robot that could accurately aim and shoot a gun at targets:

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