Sally Yates Is Way More Political Than Democrats Want You to Know | NTK Network Sally Yates Is Way More Political Than Democrats Want You to Know

Sally Yates Is Way More Political Than Democrats Want You to Know

Ahead of CNN's exclusive interview with Sally Yates, people should be aware of her deep ties to the Democratic Party.

By NTK Staff | 05.16.2017 @12:00pm
Sally Yates Is Way More Political Than Democrats Want You to Know

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for an exclusive interview that focused on her dismissal from the Department of Justice (DOJ). The media and Democrats were quick to paint Yates as a political martyr after Trump fired her from the DOJ.

Democrats and the media have claimed that Yates is a career prosecutor who is above politics. They cited Yates’ refusal to advocate for President Trump’s travel ban in federal court and concerns Yates raised regarding Michael Flynn’s ties to the Russian government as reasons why Trump fired Yates.

However, the American people should know that Yates has been linked to Democratic causes in the past and that legal experts were quick to defend President Trump’s decision to fire Yates.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said, in an op-ed regarding Yates’ dismissal from the DOJ:

“But by interjecting issues of policy and directing the Justice Department not to defend any aspect of the order, she overstepped her bounds. An attorney general, like any citizen, has the right to disagree with a presidential order, but unless it is clear that the order is unlawful, she has no authority to order the Justice Department to refuse to enforce it.”

“In addition to failing to do her duty as attorney general, Sally Yates handed President Trump an underserved political victory.”

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN’s Don Lemon that President Trump was “within his rights” to fire Yates.

Bloomberg View‘s editorial board said of Yates’ firing:

“Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, however, went a step too far. Yates told Justice Department staff members on Monday not to defend the order in court. Hours later, she was fired. President Donald Trump was justified in doing so. The attorney general’s job is not to evaluate the wisdom of an executive order or a law, but rather to enforce those that are legally promulgated and passed. Once the department’s Office of Legal Counsel has affirmed this — as it did with Trump’s immigration ban — the Department of Justice has a duty to enforce it and defend it in court.”

University of North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhard, a former Bill Clinton transition official, echoed these claims, saying that President Trump was “well within his authority” to fire Yates.

As for Democrats, claims that Yates is above politics also don’t hold up. Almost immediately after Yates dismissal from the DOJ, Yates’ name was added to the list of possible Democratic candidates for Georgia governor.

Yates got her start in Washington, D.C. by working as a staff assistant for then-Rep. Jack Brinkley (D-GA). Yates’ husband Comer has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, including former President Obama.

In October, Yates was critical of FBI Director James Comey‘s decision to notify Congress that the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices just weeks before the election.

So, while Democrats and the media paint Yates as a political martyr, the American people can see that Yates has ties to the Democratic Party, and that legal experts believe President Trump was well within his rights to fire Yates from the DOJ.

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