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Salon Has Posted 10 Times About a Theory That Trump Plans to ‘Stage a Coup’

Salon interviewed a historian who has donated more $10,000 to Democrats. He claims Trump is plotting a coup.

By NTK Staff | 08.02.2017 @11:29am
Salon Has Posted 10 Times About a Theory That Trump Plans to ‘Stage a Coup’

The top Facebook post for, a liberal website, over the past six months are all posts involving an interview with historian Timothy Snyder, who claims that President Trump will inevitably try to stage a coup and overthrow the government.

Salon’s article is titled, “Historian Timothy Snyder: ‘It’s pretty much inevitable’ that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy,” and was conducted in April 2017.

The interview is not only the top overall post on’s Facebook page, it’s nine out of the top ten Facebook posts, and ten out of eleven as Mother Jones’ Ben Dreyfuss pointed out on Twitter Tuesday night.

The only Facebook post that was in the top ten that was not from the Snyder interview was regarding comedian Don Rickles’ death.

The interview with Snyder uses extreme rhetoric and paints a very dark picture of America under the Trump administration, but what Salon leaves out of the story is that Snyder is a Democratic donor who maxed out to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Obama in 2012.

Salon’s Chauncey DeVega, who admitted to repeatedly referring to Trump as a fascist, focused the interview on extreme and dark questions:

“What can the American people do to resist Donald Trump? What lessons can history teach about the rise of authoritarianism and fascism and how democracies collapse? Are there ways that individuals can fight back on a daily basis and in their own personal lives against the political and cultural forces that gave rise to Trump’s movement? How long does American democracy have before the poison that Donald Trump and the Republican Party injected into the country’s body politic becomes lethal?”

During the interview, DeVega asked Snyder, “In your book you discuss the idea that Donald Trump will have his own version of Hitler’s Reichstag fire to expand his power and take full control of the government by declaring a state of emergency. How do you think that would play out?”

Snyder responded:

“Let me make just two points. The first is that I think it’s pretty much inevitable that they will try. The reason I think that is that the conventional ways of being popular are not working out for them. The conventional way to be popular or to be legitimate in this country is to have some policies, to grow your popularity ratings and to win some elections. I don’t think 2018 is looking very good for the Republicans along those conventional lines — not just because the president is historically unpopular. It’s also because neither the White House nor Congress have any policies which the majority of the public like.”

Neither in DeVega’s write up on his interview with Snyder nor on his podcast “The Chauncey DeVega Show,” does the Salon reporter mention that Snyder is a Democratic donor.

According to Snyder maxed out to Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign with a $2,700 donation. Snyder also donated $1,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 2016. Over the years Snyder has donated over $12,000 to Democratic committees and campaigns.

Snyder also suggested that Electoral College voters break their pledges and vote against Trump in December of 2016, claiming a vote for him would end the republic.

Given Snyder’s donations and political leanings, it hardly seems that Snyder is approaching the Trump Presidency from a nonbiased place, and claiming he will attempt a coup d’état seems more like fearmongering than historical analysis.

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