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School District Removes Twain, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ For Racism

Duluth, Minnesota apparently thinks the required reading is too offensive for students to handle.

By NTK Staff | 02.08.2018 @1:11pm
School District Removes Twain, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ For Racism

A school district in the city of Duluth, Minnesota decided last week to purge American classics like Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” from its required reading lists due to alleged racism in the books, according to the Star Tribune.

Both books use racial slurs, but the overall point of both stories is to discredit the racial prejudices of southern societies of two different time periods in American history. Apparently, the political correctness mob could not wrap their heads around that fact:

In an effort to be considerate of all students, the two novels, which contain racial slurs, will no longer be required reading in the district’s English classes next school year. They will still be available in the schools for optional reading, however.

“The feedback that we’ve received is that it makes many students feel uncomfortable,” said Michael Cary, director of curriculum and instruction for the district. “Conversations about race are an important topic, and we want to make sure we address those conversations in a way that works well for all of our students.”

Twain’s characters, placed in the pre-abolition American South, frequently use slurs for African-Americans, as they realistically would have during that period. And the plot of Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” revolves around the racist trial of a black man, and the novel’s antagonists are villains precisely because of their racism, not in spite of it.

Were Lee and Twain supposed to whitewash the horrible ugliness of racism?

The local NAACP, for its part, praised the decision calling the books “oppressive” and criticizing the writing:

“Our kids don’t need to read the ‘N’ word in school,” [the head of the local NAACP] said. “They deal with that every day out in the community and in their life. Racism still exists in a very big way.”

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