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School Shootings: The Next Terrorist Tactic?

A police investigation into a New Mexico compound revealed that the group was training children to commit mass shootings. Is this the horrifying future of terrorism in America?

By NTK Staff | 08.09.2018 @8:36am
School Shootings: The Next Terrorist Tactic?

Decades of aircraft hijackings preceded the 9/11 attacks, with terrorists, criminals, and state-sponsored actors seizing control of airplanes for monetary or political gain. Usually these events ended with a minimal loss of life, the ultimate goal of the hijackers not being mass death. Then al-Qaeda’s terrorists boarded several airliners, took control, and crashed them into American landmarks. Attempted attacks on air traffic continue to this day as a serious terrorist threat.

Similarly, car collisions have been a part of life since the invention of the automobile, with tens of thousands dying annually in the United States. But terrorists in recent years have weaponized vehicles, using them to mow down unsuspecting pedestrians and cause mass casualties.

Now, reports from arrests at a compound in New Mexico indicate that terrorists have imagined a new avenue for their ambitions. According to CNN, the adults of the compound were training children to commit school shootings:

All five of the defendants in the New Mexico child abuse case were under investigation based upon “the training of children with weapons in furtherance of a conspiracy to commit school shootings,” according to criminal complaints filed in district court on Wednesday.

Fox News reports that the sheriff of the county described the occupants of the compound as “extremist[s] of the Muslim belief.”

It would be a sickening development after years of tragic mass school shootings in the United States if extremists began to plot these events, but the imagination of terrorists to commit unthinkable atrocities seems to know no bounds.

An extremist who pledged allegiance to ISIS killed dozens in an Orlando night club in 2016, and terrorist networks have encouraged their adherents to commit “lone wolf” attacks.

Hopefully the men and women of America’s law enforcement and intelligence communities are equally active in countering any potential threat to U.S. schools.

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