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Sean Spicer Takes a Parting Shot at the Mooch

The former White House press secretary joked that Mike Dubke "lasted 10 Scaramuccis," during his goodbye party.

By NTK Staff | 09.01.2017 @11:06am
Sean Spicer Takes a Parting Shot at the Mooch

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer took a parting shot at former White House communication director Anthony Scaramucci during his going-away party on Thursday.

According to Politico’s Playbook, Spicer joked that former communications director Mike Dubke, who was at Spicer’s farewell party, “lasted 10 Scaramuccis,” during the party at MXDC.

Spicer reportedly “vehemently disagreed” with President Trump’s decision to hire Scaramucci, nicknamed ‘The Mooch,’ and resigned from his position on July 21 because of the hiring.

According to the New York Times:

“After offering Mr. Scaramucci the job on Friday morning, Mr. Trump asked Mr. Spicer to stay on as press secretary, reporting to Mr. Scaramucci. But Mr. Spicer rejected the offer, expressing his belief that Mr. Scaramucci’s hiring would add to the confusion and uncertainty already engulfing the White House, according to two people with direct knowledge of the exchange.”

‘The Mooch’ famously lasted only ten days as the White House communications director, and it was rumored that Spicer might stay on after ‘The Mooch’ left.

‘The Mooch’ wasn’t a fan of Spicer, reportedly referring to Spicer as Melissa McCarthy to people within the White House. McCarthy portrayed Spicer to much applause on Saturday Night Live.

McCarthy’s performance of Spicer resulted in unprecedented stardom for the White House press secretary, resulting in ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” pursuing Spicer to join its cast for the upcoming season.

Spicer eventually turned down the offer because of his lack of dancing talents.

Scaramucci hasn’t yet responded to Spicer’s parting shot.

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