Self-Described "Moderate" Northam Seeks Obama's Help to Win VA-Gov | NTK Network Self-Described “Moderate” Northam Seeks Obama’s Help to Win VA-Gov

Self-Described “Moderate” Northam Seeks Obama’s Help to Win VA-Gov

A new report from HuffPost indicates the former two-term president will make a return to the campaign trail this fall, less than a year after leaving office.

By NTK Staff | 06.23.2017 @9:53am
Self-Described “Moderate” Northam Seeks Obama’s Help to Win VA-Gov

Some ex-presidents prefer to stay out of the limelight; George W. Bush is the latest example. Not Barack Obama, though.

On the same day Obama’s Facebook post defending Obamacare went viral – 657,000 likes, 229,000 shares as of Friday morning – comes news that Obama will return to the campaign trail this fall, to help Virginia’s Democratic nominee for governor, Ralph Northam.


HuffPost reported on Obama’s return, but didn’t mention it in the headline or in the first three paragraphs of their story on the Virginia gubernatorial race:

But while Northam may be playing it cool, he’s not being complacent. His campaign has plans to canvass the state, from the wealthy northern suburbs to coal country in the southwest. And they’re bringing along the big guns, too. Former President Barack Obama is expected to make his return to electoral politics this fall to join him on the trail, both Northam and Obama’s office confirmed.

It won’t be a far trip for Obama, who is spending much of his first post-presidency year in Washington, D.C.


Virginia did vote twice for Obama and picked Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump last year, but is Obama the best surrogate for Northam, who calls himself “a moderate person” and who also voted twice for George W. Bush?

After all, Virginia’s individual health insurance customers are paying about 77 percent more than they did before Obamacare went into effect, according to a recent Health and Human Services (HHS) study.

And while Obama is more popular than Trump in Virginia, his approval-disapproval rating in November was a rocky 48-48.

Whether it is a good or a bad move for Northam remains to be seen, but look for Obama to return to the campaign trail sometime in September or October.

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