Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Are Human Traffickers' Best Friends | NTK Network Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Are Human Traffickers’ Best Friends

Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Are Human Traffickers’ Best Friends

The Attorney General slammed sanctuary cities at a speech in Miami.

By NTK Staff | 08.16.2017 @4:03pm

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that sanctuary cities, municipalities that harbor illegal immigrants, were the “best friends” of human traffickers.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions provide safe harbor for some of the most dangerous criminals in our country,” Sessions said. “That makes a sanctuary city really, in a way, it’s fair to say, a trafficker or a smuggler or a predator’s best friend.”

The attorney general made clear that he did not blame local police forces for municipalities’ failure to enforce immigration laws, but rather local politicians.

In fact, he argued, sanctuary laws hurt federal law enforcement officers who need to perform extra work to hunt down illegal immigrant criminals.

“Yet these sanctuary jurisdictions have the gall to feign outrage when their police departments lose federal funds as a result of their malfeasance,” Sessions said.

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