Sherrod Brown: I'm Considering Running for President in 2020 | NTK Network Sherrod Brown: I’m Considering Running for President in 2020

Sherrod Brown: I’m Considering Running for President in 2020

"This was is an intensely personal decision with my wife, and my children."

By NTK Staff | 11.19.2018 @10:52am

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), fresh off his 2018 reelection victory, told NBC on Sunday that he is considering running for president in 2020.

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Brown the reasons that he would use to decide whether he should run for president.

“Well we’ve known each other long enough, and I think you know that I’ve not had this lifelong desire to be president. My dream was to play center field for the Cleveland Indians. I think that door is probably shut by now,” Brown said.

Brown then explained to Todd that after his reelection win he heard from a lot of different people, including labor activists, Democratic Party activists, and citizens, urging him to run.

“Too many people in this country work hard every day, pay their dues, never get ahead, don’t have the kind of retirement security they should. That’s why I won Ohio,” Brown continued. “You know, whether I run or not, I’m hopeful that narrative, that message begins to be a part of that narrative among my colleagues who want to be president, who have dreamed of it, frankly, for longer than I have.”

Todd then asked whether Brown thinks the message he ran on in 2018 was something that Democrats could successfully run on in 2020 to win his home state of Ohio.

“I think any one of them can win my state, if they make that contrast between the phony populism of Donald Trump and the dignity of work and all that we stand for and have the – the Democratic Party has always been the party of, ‘we have your back,’ of working families. That’s what I fight for every day in the Senate,” Brown said.

Todd then asked Brown why he thought he did so while on election night but the Democratic candidate for governor in Ohio failed.

“I think Ohio is becoming a – is just becoming a more and more conservative state. Trump won the state by almost double digits,” Brown said.

“This was is an intensely personal decision with my wife, and my children,” Brown then said of 2020.

“My grandchildren don’t know enough to know what it means, but it would change their lives. And I need to be aware of all of that as I make this decision,” Brown added, about a 2020 run.

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