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Similarities Between 2020 Biden and 2016 Clinton Worry Democrats

There’s a surprising number of parallels between the two establishment Democrats.

By NTK Staff | 05.06.2019 @9:38am
Similarities Between 2020 Biden and 2016 Clinton Worry Democrats

The New York Times is reporting that some Democrats are beginning to worry that former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is a bit too similar to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 effort.

Though Biden’s campaign is only days old at this point, it’s giving Democrats “flashbacks” to four years ago:

Mr. Biden’s first fund-raiser? Hosted by a Philadelphia-area donor who did the same for Mrs. Clinton four years ago. His early policies? Embraced by Democrats, including Mrs. Clinton, for years. A decades-long record in Washington? Mrs. Clinton had a similarly lengthy résumé. And a tortured, drawn-out apology as the first controversy of his campaign? Remember her private email account, former Clinton aides shudder.

As he ramps up his presidential campaign, Mr. Biden appears to have taken some lessons from Mrs. Clinton’s defeat — but paid no heed to others. Even as he structures his campaign around an implicit critique of her general election effort, offering a full-throated appeal to working-class voters at his opening event in a Pittsburgh union hall, Mr. Biden has embraced the kind of incumbent-like, establishment campaign that left Mrs. Clinton open to a fierce primary challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Biden is also taking a page from the Clinton playbook by touting decades of experience in government, knowledge of and relationships with numerous foreign leaders, and a close relationship with former President Barack Obama. Sounding familiar?

Biden’s one benefit, somewhat ironically, is the massive field of Democratic candidates. Because Clinton cleared the field in 2016, she was more susceptible to direct attacks from a credible challenger. It turns out that Clinton’s challenger four years ago may wind up being Biden’s today: Bernie Sanders. But with candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg also running (among many others), the so-called “anti-Biden” vote will likely be divvied up rather than centralized in one candidate. That gives Biden an advantage.

But winning the Democratic nomination is no guarantee that his campaign will fair any better against Trump in the general election. To accomplish that, Biden would need to learn from Clinton’s failures rather than repeat them.

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