So-Called Bipartisan PAC Releases Memo Touting Efforts to Boost Democrats | NTK Network So-Called Bipartisan PAC Releases Memo Touting Efforts to Boost Democrats

So-Called Bipartisan PAC Releases Memo Touting Efforts to Boost Democrats

Patients for Affordable Drugs Action (P4AD), a liberal super PAC funded by billionaires Laura and John Arnold, tried to appear bipartisan, but a recent memo shows their efforts to help Democrats.

By NTK Staff | 11.06.2018 @10:46am
So-Called Bipartisan PAC Releases Memo Touting Efforts to Boost Democrats

A super PAC that at one time tried to appear bipartisan released a memo last week touting its efforts to help elect Democrats only. In a memo obtained by NTK Network. Patients for Affordable Drugs Action noted that the super PAC “worked in four races this cycle to support Pro-Patient [sic] Democrats.”

The memo lists one Democrat it supported, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), and three Republicans it spent millions attacking: Reps. Pete Sessions (R-TX), Bruce Poliquin (R-ME), and New Jersey Senate candidate Bob Hugin.

The memo is written by two Obama campaign alums, David Mitchell and Ben Wakana. Mitchell founded GMMB, the ad firm former President Barack Obama primarily used in 2008 and 2012, and Wakana served in the communications shop for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and in the administration.

The memo claims the group spent $6.1 million boosting Democrats and attacking Republicans. (See below for the full memo.)

Despite claiming the mantle of bipartisanship earlier in the cycle, The Intercept exposed P4AD as a vehicle to elect Democrats. The group spent minimally opposing safe Democrats or supporting a safe Republican while simultaneously spending big to boost Democrats in tight races (e.g., McCaskill) and oppose Republicans in tight races (e.g., Sessions, Poliquin).

P4AD is spending $10.8 million on seven races this cycle. In three of those, the group is going up against Republicans, spending enough money to potentially affect the final outcome and elect a Democrat. In the two races where it is attacking Democrats, P4AD is essentially throwing money away, since the incumbents have no real opposition in their general elections.

The group is also supporting a red-state Democrat in a tight Senate race for re-election, where the money will matter, as well as a House Republican with a 30-point advantage who doesn’t need the cash infusion.

P4AD is propped up almost entirely by the Action Now Initiative, a 501(c)(4) founded by Laura and John Arnold. The Arnolds are billionaires who live in Houston and made their money at Enron, the energy trading company that perpetrated corporate accounting fraud and declared bankruptcy in 2001.

After opening and closing their own hedge fund, the Arnolds then turned their focus to politics and various liberal causes. The Arnolds spent millions propping up efforts to create soda taxes in various states; they’re trying to change how states draw legislative districts; and they’ve even been involved with changing how convicted criminals are sentenced.

While the 2018 midterms served as the first election cycle for P4AD Action, the Arnolds’ first overtly political campaign, expect to see the liberal billionaires ramp up their spending in favor of Democrats and against Republicans in the 2020 cycle.

Below is the P4AD Action memo:
MEMO – Summary of Activity at P4ADA



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