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Some Dems’ 2018 Message: ‘Repeal and Replace’ the Tax Cuts

Good luck with that!

By NTK Staff | 02.20.2018 @12:30pm
Some Dems’ 2018 Message: ‘Repeal and Replace’ the Tax Cuts

Republicans are already having a field day over their tax cuts, with Nancy Pelosi’s characterization of the resulting bonuses and raises for workers as “crumbs.”

Now, though, some Democrats may be giving Republicans a new, election-year gift: a pledge to “repeal and replace” the tax cuts if voters kick Republicans out.

The Washington Examiner‘s Joseph Lawler reported:

Activists on the Left want the tax law to become President Trump’s version of Obamacare, a major domestic law passed on a partisan basis that generated a wave of opposition, sweeping the responsible party out of power.

“The position is simple: Repeal and replace,” said Neil Sroka, a representative for Democracy for America, a liberal political action committee.

…The Not One Penny coalition, which includes several liberal groups that fought the bill as it was advancing in Congress, said it aimed to spend more than $10 million on ads bashing the tax law and pressuring candidates to support repealing it. The group also plans to hold events around the country rallying opposition to the law, including nationwide events on April 15, which is Tax Day.

Liberals’ curious strategy comes as the tax cuts become more popular with Americans. A New York Times poll released Monday found the tax bill’s popularity passing the 50-percent mark for the first time. The bill’s popularity is up several points from when it first passed.

Whether or not the “repeal and replace” strategy works, as many workers see a bump in their paychecks resulting from the tax cuts, will be settled in November.

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