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Sore Loser: Failed Dem Candidate Rips the ‘Stupid’ DCCC

Zephyr Teachout ran as a firebrand liberal in 2016 and lost by more than nine points. Now she’s blaming the “idiots” at the DCCC.

By NTK Staff | 01.24.2018 @11:00am
Sore Loser: Failed Dem Candidate Rips the ‘Stupid’ DCCC

Political activist and associate law professor at Fordham University Zephyr Teachout is a failed political candidate.

An unabashed firebrand liberal with little to no name recognition at all, Teachout decided to run against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) in 2014 and lost in spectacular fashion, 62-34.

Undeterred, Teachout moved from her Brooklyn home to New York’s 19th Congressional District in upstate New York and announced she was running for Congress.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), sensing Teachout to be a poor fit for the more conservative district, backed her main primary opponent, local councilman Will Yandik.

The wound left by that decision apparently has not healed. Somewhat predictably, Teachout lost to Republican Rep. John Faso by more than nine points, 45.3 to 54.7. And today, Teachout continues to rip the DCCC.

Teachout believes the DCCC is incapable of choosing the most ideal candidates in each district (presumably she’s thinking of herself in NY-19 in 2016) because it’s run by “idiots,” who rely on “stupid” strategies:

“Structurally, they’re going to be idiots because there’s no way they can bring in the talent to do it right,” she told The Intercept of the DCCC’s approach to picking candidates. “Their strategy is stupid in the first place and bad for democracy, but then it’s really stupid because they have 26-year-olds sitting around who don’t know anything about the real world deciding which candidates should win.”

Hillary Clinton, whose defeat to Donald Trump in 2016 shocked the country, has frequently been criticized for “sour grapes” remarks after the campaign ended, blaming the FBI, Russian interference, and most similarly to Teachout, the Democratic National Committee, for her loss.

But Teachout’s vitriol and name-calling goes beyond even Clinton’s public laments.

In isolation, Teachout’s complaints may not seem significant. But Teachout’s perspective is reflective of how many far-left Democrats feel about the national party structure. If those Democrats are willing to put up a fight against the establishment party structure in 2018 or 2020, it could mean chaos for Democrats in the years to come.

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