Speaker Ryan and His Heir Apparent to Go on Tour | NTK Network Speaker Ryan and His Heir Apparent to Go on Tour

Speaker Ryan and His Heir Apparent to Go on Tour

Politico's Playbook reported that Speaker Paul Ryan is taking his majority leader, whom he has endorsed to replace him as House GOP leader, on a fundraising swing through at least six states.

By NTK Staff | 05.01.2018 @9:00am
Speaker Ryan and His Heir Apparent to Go on Tour

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is taking Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on tour.

Now, they’re not starting a rock band. But, as Politico‘s Playbook explains, the six-state swing will allow Ryan to introduce McCarthy to some of the House GOP’s most important donors. If McCarthy becomes the next leader of the House GOP – and Ryan has effectively endorsed him for the role – fundraising will be critical.

Playbook reported:

— MCCARTHY and RYAN will appear with VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE at the Protect the House events (Protect the House is the joint McCarthy-Pence fundraising vehicle. CLF is the House GOP super PAC). In May, the two will attend events in Illinois, two in Washington and in New York for CLF, and in South Florida for Protect the House. They will also do a June swing in Pennsylvania and Texas which will include stops for both fundraising outfits. Protect the House will have an event in Midland, Texas, in June.

Playbook explained that the ‘passing of the torch’ moment will be a crucial test for McCarthy, whose future job it will be to raise the money necessary to either keep the House in GOP hands or reclaim the House for the GOP.

In April, Ryan told CNBC, “I think we all believe Kevin [McCarthy is the right person [to be speaker].”

Perhaps McCarthy’s only potential high-profile challenger, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said earlier in the month, “I’ve never run against Kevin and wouldn’t run against Kevin, and he and I are good friends.” Scalise is primed to become the second top-ranking official in the House GOP if McCarthy ascends to House GOP leader.

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