Stephanie Ruhle Asks Dan Rather About Trump's 'Fake News' Criticisms | NTK Network Stephanie Ruhle Asks Dan Rather About Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Criticisms

Stephanie Ruhle Asks Dan Rather About Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Criticisms

Dan Rather is either the worst person to discuss fake news or the best person to discuss fake news.

By NTK Staff | 11.27.2017 @10:20am

To discuss accusations of “fake news” that President Trump threw at major news networks Monday morning, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle thought the best person to contribute to a dialogue on the issue was disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather.

Trump tweeted on Monday that he would award the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” to one of the major news network, “not including Fox:”

Ruhle read out the tweet, before joking that Trump may now have the trophy himself. The MSNBC host then introduced Rather to discuss the accusations of “fake news.”

“What is your reaction to President Trump directly attacking, denigrating American journalists?” she asked.

Rather called the president’s criticisms “disappointing.”

The former CBS host is perhaps the most famous “fake news” journalist in American history. Rather left the news business in disgrace after he ran a “60 Minutes” report that broadcast false allegations against President George W. Bush’s military service ahead of the 2004 election.

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