Stephanie Ruhle Predicts 'Big Win' for Trump on Friday | NTK Network Stephanie Ruhle Predicts ‘Big Win’ for Trump on Friday

Stephanie Ruhle Predicts ‘Big Win’ for Trump on Friday

Usually a Trump critic, the MSNBC host said the president has set himself up to get the job done on government funding.

By NTK Staff | 01.18.2018 @12:07pm

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, typically tough on President Trump, predicted that the president would deliver a “very big win” on Friday with a deal on continuing government funding.

Ruhle theorized that Trump was creating a “cliffhanger” on which he would be able to deliver. The MSNBC host pointed to anxiety among Republicans and the markets as a direct result of funding fears, but she anticipated that Trump would save the government from the impending shutdown.

“What could we see President Trump do at that final hour? Swoop in, make sure it happens, make sure we see a continuing resolution,” she said.

Ruhle predicted that in response to Trump’s deal, markets would rise and his supporters would enthusiastically greet him upon the anniversary of his inauguration.

“He will be able to say, ‘One year in, you laughed at me for saying, I and I alone, but I and I alone got it done,'” she added. “President Trump wins.”

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