Steyer Gets Angry with Dems Over DACA: 'This is Very Simple' | NTK Network Steyer Gets Angry with Dems Over DACA: ‘This is Very Simple’

Steyer Gets Angry with Dems Over DACA: ‘This is Very Simple’

The billionaire liberal donor, who in recent months has pulled his funding for national Democratic groups, is calling the minority party out on Dreamers.

By NTK Staff | 02.12.2018 @9:30am
Steyer Gets Angry with Dems Over DACA: ‘This is Very Simple’

Billionaire liberal donor Tom Steyer is angry…with his own party, that is.

Steyer joined a podcast this weekend for a discussion on Nevada’s energy efforts and the current immigration debate in Washington, D.C. The former environmentalist turned impeachment activist made it clear he’s not happy with Democrats and how they’re negotiating over so-called Dreamers (young, undocumented immigrants whose Obama-era protections from deportation may expire soon).

According to The Nevada Independent, Steyer told the Indy Matters podcast:

“I think the only real way to negotiate with the president is to say this is what we’re for, this is what we’re not for, and not budge,” he said. “Because you can’t really negotiate with somebody who every time you negotiate, he takes everything you put on the table and takes everything that he put on the table off the table, and then starts negotiating again. I just think that’s what has happened to the Democrats in the Senate and I think it just doesn’t work. You can’t really negotiate with somebody whose word is no good.”

Steyer said he can’t predict whether it will take a shutdown to force a clean DREAM Act:

“From our standpoint, this is very simple. This was agreed to, there’s nothing else to discuss.”

Steyer may betray his lack of knowledge on Congress, and the issue of immigration at large, with his comments to Indy Matters. The immigration issue is anything but “very simple,” even if Steyer would rather it not be.

The U.S. Senate is about to engage in weeks of debate over Dreamers, border security, and more immigration-related issues. Maybe Steyer should watch C-SPAN for a few weeks and learn how complicated the problems are.

Still, the billionaire donor’s public rebuke of the minority party is part of a new trend that’s sure to alarm national Democrats. They once could count on Steyer for tens of millions of dollars in campaign cash; now he’s challenging them on a near-daily basis, whether on immigration or impeachment.

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