Sununu: Comey's Leaking May Be "Violation of the Law" | NTK Network Sununu: Comey’s Leaking May Be “Violation of the Law”

Sununu: Comey’s Leaking May Be “Violation of the Law”

The former White House Chief of Staff said Comey's leaking was "worse" than Hillary Clinton's mishandling of emails.

By NTK Staff | 07.10.2017 @10:46am

Former White House Chief fo Staff and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu said on Fox News on Monday that former FBI Director James Comey violated the law if information in his leaked memos was classified.

According to a report in The Hill, anonymous sources told journalists that Comey’s leaked memos contained classified information:

Four of the [Comey] memos had markings making clear they contained information classified at the “secret” or “confidential” level, according to officials directly familiar with the matter.

“If he even spoke about material that was classified to his leak, that’s a violation of the law,” Sununu said. “He may be in much more trouble than he thought he was going to get himself into.”

Sununu even labeled Comey’s leak as “worse” than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, given the fact that he intended for the information to reach the public sphere.

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