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SURVEY: Broad Support for Tax Reform in 10 Key States

Support for tax reform is strongest in states Trump won by double digits, and four of those states have vulnerable Democrat senators.

By NTK Staff | 09.01.2017 @12:07pm
SURVEY: Broad Support for Tax Reform in 10 Key States

A new survey conducted by Definers Public Affairs and WPA Intelligence shows strong support for tax reform, a top priority of the Trump administration and GOP members of Congress.

Using data models based on surveyed responses, the partnered firms found that an average of 68.4 percent of respondents across ten states support the tax reform effort.

Those ten states include four in which Democratic senators “are particularly vulnerable”: Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

And according to the data, support for tax reform is growing:

Our voter modeling also provides a stark warning to these incumbent Senate Democrats about the potential political peril of joining an effort to obstruct tax reform: Nearly twice as many voters already support the tax reform effort today than supported these Democrats when they were last elected in 2012.

The other states surveyed included Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Here’s a breakdown of the survey’s findings:

Florida: 63.1% support Trump’s tax plan, while 36.9% oppose it

Indiana: 68.4% support, 31.6% oppose

Michigan: 62.6% support, 37.4% oppose

Missouri: 72.5% support, 27.5% oppose

Montana: 75.0% support, 25.1% oppose

North Dakota: 72.8% support, 27.2% oppose

Ohio: 67.2% support, 32.8% oppose

Pennsylvania: 56.6% support, 43.4% oppose

West Virginia: 77.3% support, 22.7% oppose

Wisconsin: 68.8% support, 31.2% oppose

The full memo, including the survey question and methodology, can be found here.

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