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Susan Rice’s Son Leads Conservative Groups at Stanford

It appears that the apple falls very far from the tree, according to an interview the Rice family member did with The College Fix.

By NTK Staff | 05.30.2018 @3:15pm
Susan Rice’s Son Leads Conservative Groups at Stanford

In an interview with The College Fix, John David Rice-Cameron, the son of former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice, revealed that he’s a leader of college conservative groups on the campus of Stanford University.

Rice-Cameron told the Fix that his father, a Democrat alongside Rice, would listen to Rush Limbaugh and argue with the radio host. But the conservative commentator grew on Rice-Cameron, who sought out other right-wing voices like Mark Levin.

Now he’s one of the top conservatives at Stanford, breaking with his parents’ liberal politics:

Fast-forward to today, Rice-Cameron — recently described by one campus publication as “Stanford’s most outspoken political provocateur” — is taking his passion for liberty and advancing it at Stanford University, his mother’s alma mater, as president of the College Republicans.

“If we are going to promote the liberty movement, if the liberty movement is going to succeed, we need to do something about these college campuses,” he told The College Fix in a telephone interview. “We need to ensure the liberty movement is heard.”

For her part, President Obama’s national security adviser said she is “very proud” of her son’s accomplishments, and she’ll continue to support him in his career.

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