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Tammy Baldwin Touts Measures She Voted Against

The Wisconsin Democrat is calling for tax reform to help start-ups. The GOP plan, which she voted against, did just that.

By NTK Staff | 03.28.2018 @11:41am

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) touted tax reform “focused on tax relief for start-ups” on Twitter Wednesday, sharing a clip from a local Wisconsin event on Tuesday.

“Baldwin talked about her Support Our Start-Ups Act [at the event], that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start a new business by increasing the amount of start-up costs able to be deducted from federal income taxes,” WAEU reported.

Baldwin talked with WAEU, saying she wanted to make start-up businesses “a little less riskier through our tax code.”

But the Wisconsin senator, along with all of her Democratic colleagues, voted against the GOP tax bill, which included provisions aiding start-ups, in December.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the GOP tax plan aided start-ups by cutting the tax they payed on stock options:

The bill helps startup founders and employees, who previously had to pay taxes when they exercised stock options. That was particularly difficult for employees at pre-IPO startups, as they were unable to easily convert those exercised shares to cash before the company went public.

Axios explained that the tax fix would help start-up employees reap the rewards of their work at a new business, potentially allowing start-ups to recruit more talent. But Baldwin couldn’t bring herself to vote for the GOP bill, even if it would have helped small business in her state.

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