The Best Movies to Watch on the Fourth of July (That Aren't 'Independence Day') | NTK Network The Best Movies to Watch on the Fourth of July (That Aren’t ‘Independence Day’)

The Best Movies to Watch on the Fourth of July (That Aren’t ‘Independence Day’)

Without fail, every year some channel will run 'Independence Day' on a loop to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here are some other movies to watch instead.

By NTK Staff | 07.03.2017 @3:41pm
The Best Movies to Watch on the Fourth of July (That Aren’t ‘Independence Day’)

There are so many great Fourth of July movies, but television only seems to recognize the alien invasion in ‘Independence Day’ as appropriate for patriotic celebration.

This Fourth of July, why not kick back and enjoy another great movie to celebrate our country’s birth?

Here are some suggestions:

Live Free or Die Hard: Action icon John McClane tries to thwart cyberterrorists over Fourth of July weekend in the fourth installment of the ‘Die Hard’ series. The cyberterrorists hack into American television infrastructure and deliver a creepy Fourth of July message to U.S. citizens, narrated by their favorite presidents:

The Great Escape: Based on a real life escape from Stalag Luft III during WWII, ‘The Great Escape’ follows Allied prisoners in a German POW camp as they try to pull off the greatest breakout of all time. Considered a Christmas movie in the UK, the film includes a classic Fourth of July scene where the only three Americans in the camp invite their British counterparts to celebrate colonial independence with them.

Rocky I, Rocky IV, or any of the Rocky movies: Rocky Balboa, the sports hero of Philadelphia (the birthplace of American independence), always defies the odds. In the first film, he faces off with Apollo Creed to honor the bicentennial of American independence, and in the fourth he takes on the Soviet Union as he battles Russian boxer Ivan Drago in front of the Soviet Politburo. By the way, Apollo Creed LOVES America:

Jaws: A New England beach is terrorized by a great white shark over the Fourth of July while sailors and town officials struggle to kill the beast. A Steven Spielberg classic, the “DUN-DUN…. DUN-DUN… DUN-DUN…” theme of the shark has stayed with audiences ever since it was first heard.

Gettysburg: If you’re in a historical mood, this epic war film chronicles the Battle of Gettysburg, which took place in the three days leading up to the Fourth of July in 1863. Jeff Daniels and Martin Sheen lead the cast in this film adaptation of The Killer Angels. Sheen plays the role of Robert E. Lee, while Jeff Daniels leads the legendary charge down Little Round Top as Joshua Chamberlain.

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