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The DNC Rebuild That Never Was

Despite pledges to the contrary, the Democratic Party is still the Party of Clinton and Obama...

By NTK Staff | 04.04.2017 @4:15pm
The DNC Rebuild That Never Was

The Democratic National Committee announced its roster of hires for the 2018 cycle this week, and the individuals serving in key roles could be cause for concern among those in the progressive wing of the party.

Last week, NBC News reported DNC Chair Tom Perez requested resignation letters from all current staffers in an effort “overhaul of the party’s organization.”

Many Democratic leaders have cited the party’s lack of a clear message as a reason why Democrats is currently in disarray. Filling out the DNC communication’s department was to be a critical step for Democrats’ efforts to rebound.

However, the announcement of Xochitl Hinojosa, Adrienne Watson, Michael Tyler, and John Neffinger to serve in the communications department may be worrying the progressive wing of the party.

According to Politico, John Neffinger will stay at the DNC as a senior adviser, working on special projects. Neffinger previously served as DNC communications director during the 2016 cycle.

The 2016 cycle saw the Democratic Party fail to retake the Senate and House as well as the historic defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Hinojosa will be the DNC’s communications director, while Watson will take the job of deputy communications director.

Both Hinojosa and Watson previously worked on Clinton’s presidential campaign, which was often criticized for its lack of a clear message.

Tyler, who previously worked on former Sen. Russ Feingold’s (D-WI) 2016 senate campaign, will take the role as the DNC’s primary spokesman.

The hires of Neffinger, Hinojosa, Watson, Tyler will undoubtedly concern the progressive wing of the Democratic party as these hires show that DNC Chair Tom Perez is more interested in maintaining the status quo at the DNC rather than enacting the changes for which progressives have been clamoring.

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