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The Liberal Billionaire Who Didn’t Pay His Taxes

After begging Trump to raise his taxes, a new report reveals a California billionaire who’s calling for Trump to be impeached took years to pay liens.

By NTK Staff | 01.25.2018 @4:00pm
The Liberal Billionaire Who Didn’t Pay His Taxes

Liberal California billionaire Tom Steyer is perhaps best known for his TV ad campaign to get President Trump impeached. But in October 2017, he penned an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times titled, “I’m a billionaire. Please raise my taxes.”

The headline surely turned some heads, but a new report from the Washington Free Beacon revealed Steyer actually had multiple tax liens filed against him by local governments.

From 2003 to 2010, local governments filed at least three liens against Steyer:

Oklahoma dinged the former hedge fund manager with a lien of just over $2,000 for income earned in 2003. That lien was quickly paid.

However, a document from Fulton County, Georgia, appears to show Steyer took longer to cure a tax lien of almost $27,000 for income earned in 2004. The lien document was filed and recorded in June of 2006, but does not appear to have been stamped “Satisfied” until 2008.

In 2008, Fulton County again hit Steyer with a tax lien for $700. That smaller lien was stamped “Satisfied” in 2010.

The report is sure to be embarrassing for the vocal Trump critic. Steyer’s campaign to rally Democrats to support impeaching Trump has also been an unmitigated disaster. Spending upwards of $20 million on TV ads, Steyer garnered 3 million signatures for a total cost of about $6.66 per signature – not a great ROI for grassroots work.

Adding insult to injury, elected Democrats have been slow to rally to Steyer’s cause.

“I just don’t see how the ads achieve anything,” one Pennsylvania Democrat Congressman said. In November, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed impeachment as a cause “without the facts and the law” on its side.

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