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The New York Times’ All-Out Assault on Neil Gorsuch

For the second time in as many days, the Old Gray Lady has published attack pieces on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee…

By NTK Staff | 03.16.2017 @1:14pm
The New York Times’ All-Out Assault on Neil Gorsuch

“Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire.” That was Tuesday’s New York Times headline. It had it all: a Supreme Court nominee, a complicated “web of ties” to dissect, and a reclusive, “secretive billionaire” lurking in the shadows.

The story focused on Philip Anschutz, and was absolutely obliterated by the center-right:

Oops? To make up for his widely panned coverage, the same author, Charlie Savage, published another story late Wednesday about Gorsuch’s brief tenure in the George W. Bush administration. “Neil Gorsuch Helped Defend Disputed Bush-Era Terror Policies,” this headline read.

The piece lazily trudges through Gorsuch’s time at the Justice Department and found that he – remarkably – helped the administration’s national security efforts. Notably, Gorsuch “helped draft a proposal for legislation” that would have potentially helped the administration avoid the June 2006 Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Bush administration’s “military commissions system,” but he was appointed to the federal appeals court in Denver and left in August of that year.

Hatchet jobs aside, Gorsuch is almost universally viewed as “well qualified” to be a Supreme Court justice. Though not alone, the New York Times’ latest attempts to derail a perfectly qualified candidate is more about clickbait and revenue than anything else.

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