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The One Reason Democrats Should Be Worried About 2018

The Washington Post broke down Democrats’ top challenges as they enter 2018, and their biggest problem is not an easy fix.

By NTK Staff | 12.11.2017 @10:45am
The One Reason Democrats Should Be Worried About 2018

Many Democrats are bullish about the party’s chances to gain seats in the House and Senate during next year’s midterm elections. But the Washington Post published a piece on Sunday that should give some Democrats pause.

Historically the party outside the seat of power does well in midterm elections, meaning Democrats could be favored to pick up some seats. But despite a Senate map that makes that prospect very difficult and a leadership vacuum at the top of the party’s ranks, the Post wrote that Democrats’ biggest challenge is the fact that they don’t stand for anything:

From immigration to banking reform to taxes to sexual harassment, many in the party believe it does not have a unified message to spread around the country.

But despite a few minor victories in 2017, “pulling those advantages into a coherent message remains elusive in Trump’s Tweet-driven Washington.”

The real source of Democrats’ tension could be lingering bitterness from the 2016 presidential primary, in which Hillary Clinton (D-NY) battled with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Supporters of each candidate still believe the other cost the party the election.

The Democratic National Committee’s Unity Reform Commission, launched to settle disputes that surfaced last year between the Hillary Clinton and Sanders camps, on Friday and Saturday suggested new rules for 2020 intended to open the nominating process up to more voices — and to break the establishment’s grip on the process.

But the commission has also become a place for each faction of the party to vent about what was lost last year. Commission members from both camps warned that the party has not yet solved the problems with branding and organization that led to its 2016 losses.

Until those underlying issues are addressed, it’s unlikely Democrats will be able to unite behind a unifying message or leader.

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