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The Other Monument Controversy

Russia is freaking out over Eastern European efforts to remove communist monuments.

By NTK Staff | 08.27.2017 @10:55am
The Other Monument Controversy

The Russian Foreign Ministry has an active social media presence, posting propaganda for English-language consumption.

Their most recent Twitter posts, however, exemplify a nostalgia for the days of Soviet Union, as the Russian MFA throws a mini-fit over eastern European efforts to remove communist monuments.

The Soviet Union and its satelllite governments had erected the monuments after occupying and repressing the countries in the aftermath of WWII.

Just Friday, the Twitter account for the Russian MFA posted images of Polish removals of communist-era statues, while the text reminded Poles of Soviet “liberation” of their country:

In case our readers need a reminder, the Soviet Union did in fact push Nazi forces out of Poland, and then they proceeded to occupy the country on their own. However, whenever the Soviets “liberated” Polish cities, Soviet secret police would wipe out any previous members of the Polish resistance to the Nazis, so that the communists could more easily establish control.

The Russian MFA also complained on Thursday that “hooligans” had “desecrated” monuments to a Stalin-era Soviet military official in Lviv, Ukraine:

Another historical reminder: Stalin’s regime did its best to starve the Ukrainians out of existence.

Russia also whined Thursday that the removal of a hammer and sickle from a monument to Soviet soldiers in Slovakia was “provocative, unlawful, and immoral.” Slovakia had endured communist oppression until the end of the Cold War.

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