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The View Defends Rep. Wilson’s ‘Rockstar’ Comments

The panel was unbothered by the apparent joy Wilson got from the media attention surrounding a soldier's death.

By NTK Staff | 10.20.2017 @12:41pm

The panel of “The View” on Friday defended Rep. Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) comments that she was now a “rockstar” following the White House’s pushback on her politicization of President Trump’s phone call to a Gold Star family.

When the show played her comments, the audience laughed, while some members of the panel smiled.

“A lot of folks, I think, were very angry about it, what she said, they thought she was being cavalier, self-congratulatory,” Sunny Holstin said. She then explained that Wilson was merely joking, and that made the comment acceptable in Holstin’s view.

Sara Haines told the panel that she would have reacted the same way as Wilson if the president had insulted someone she loved.

The show’s token conservative, Meghan McCain, spoke out against Wilson’s comments, saying they were “in incredibly poor taste.”

Holstin interrupted McCain, though, arguing, “The White House was trolling her.”

“She called the president out on his insensitivity! It’s that simple,” Holstin yelled.

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