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These Are the 2020 Democrats Who’ve Already Met with Obama

Perhaps just as notable as the names of individuals who have met with the former president are the names of those who have not yet done so.

By NTK Staff | 06.11.2018 @1:00pm
These Are the 2020 Democrats Who’ve Already Met with Obama

Democrats eager to run for president in 2020 have been lining up outside of former President Obama’s door in recent months, according to a new report from Politico.

The would-be candidates are reportedly eager to get a meeting with the former head of the Democratic Party, with the hopes that it could somehow help their chances in what’s likely to be a drawn-out, bitter primary fight.

For his part, the former president is not expected to act as kingmaker or make any type of endorsement before a nominee is either formally or informally selected, but that’s not stopping the politicians from seeking his counsel.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT):

Sanders, who has more respect for Obama and the work of his administration than is often portrayed, requested his meeting with the former president, held in mid-March, people told about that conversation confirmed.

They talked about the future of the party and their different roles in it. They talked about what the party should be focused on, and what would be distractions. Obama discussed his views on the differences between idealism and practicality, and Sanders responded with his.

They did not get into a specific discussion about whether Sanders would run again for president in 2020.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):

The meeting with Warren was Obama’s second since leaving office, according to people who know about both encounters. The first was in the spring of 2017 after Warren said she was “troubled” by the $400,000 Obama was getting to speak at a Wall Street investment firm, describing it as an example of the influence of money that she called “a snake that slithers through Washington.”

Obama responded by inviting her in. They heard each other out. She did not apologize, but she acknowledged what she’d kicked up with the comment, and they talked about keeping that conversation in mind for the future.

The second meeting, warmer from start to finish, came just this past April and ran well into 90 minutes. They talked about Richard Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who is now the Democratic nominee for governor in Ohio. They reminisced. They talked about Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden:

Obama and Biden remain personally close and speak by phone, and the former vice president also came by for an in-person meeting in January. He’s waiting until after the midterms to make a decision on 2020, though many people see him as leaning toward it. The 2020 race and what Biden’s going to do haven’t come up in those discussions, though, with Obama waiting on his friend to make a decision, according to people who have been briefed on their conversations.

Former Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA):

Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor and personal friend whom Obama and many in his inner circle are eager to see get into the 2020 race — and who has recently been making rumblings that he very well might — has been in to the office too. Patrick, though, is on the board of the Obama Foundation, giving them at least an outward reason for the meeting beyond politics.

Other names on the Obama meeting list included former Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D-New Orleans), former U.S. Senate candidate Jason Kander (D-MO), Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-South Bend), Mayor Eric Garcetti (D-Los Angeles).

Politico also confirmed these would-be 2020 Democrats have not yet scored a meeting with Obama: Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Kamala Harris (D-CA), and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA).

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