Tom Perez Uses Old Talking Points to Explains What the 'New' DNC Believes In | NTK Network Tom Perez Uses Old Talking Points to Explains What the ‘New’ DNC Believes In

Tom Perez Uses Old Talking Points to Explains What the ‘New’ DNC Believes In

If Democrats were hoping for a new message to energize the party, they were let down by new DNC Chair Tom Perez on Monday.

By NTK Staff | 04.18.2017 @12:00pm
Tom Perez Uses Old Talking Points to Explains What the ‘New’ DNC Believes In

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are embarking on a nationwide unity tour, and during the first leg of the tour, Perez accepted criticism that the DNC didn’t have a clear message in 2016. He then attempted to explain what the ‘new DNC’s’ message to the crowd.

If people were hoping to hear something new they were probably let down, as Perez just recited talking points he had previously given.

“People said to me ‘you know what, Tom, I don’t know what the Democratic Party stands for.’ And I accept that criticism, and I’m here to tell you what we stand for,” Perez told the crowd in Portland, Maine.

Perez went on to tell the crowd, “We believe that America works best when it works for everyone.”

Perez made a similar statement during a speech at the City Club of Cleveland in 2014 when Perez decleared, “America works best when growth benefits everyone.”

“We believe that zip codes should never determine destiny, and that every person is gifted and talented. We believe that our diversity is one of our greatest sources of strength,” Perez went on to tell the crowd about the Democratic Party.

Both these statements are the same as previous remarks made by Perez.

In an op-ed titled, “This Labor Day, Let’s Boost Opportunity In Every Zip Code,” that was published in 2016, Perez discussed his belief that a person’s zip code should not determine their fate.

“Diversity is our greatest strength,” is a line Perez had often used in 2010. Perez told the crowd at Michigan hate crimes conference the very same thing.

Perez then broke out into Spanish and delivered the same lines he gave to Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC) during a speech in 2016.

“We believe that when unions succeed, America succeeds. We believe that when unions succeed, the middle class succeeds,” Perez then told the crowd in Maine.

Perez made similar remarks while speaking at Maryland Educators event in 2015.

As for Perez’s line: “We believe that nobody who works a full-time job should live in poverty in this country”?

Well, this too is a staple of Perez’s stump speech. In 2015, the then-secretary of Labor tweeted out the same rhetoric.

For Democrats that were optimistic that Perez would provide the party with a message that was clear and new, it would seem they have been let down. Perez elected to recite the failed messaging from the past eight years instead of developing something new.

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