Tom Steyer Criticizes Pelosi, Won’t Deny 2020 Rumors | NTK Network Tom Steyer Criticizes Pelosi, Won’t Deny 2020 Rumors

Tom Steyer Criticizes Pelosi, Won’t Deny 2020 Rumors

The California liberal billionaire thinks Nancy Pelosi is “normalizing” the president and may want to replace him in the White House.

By NTK Staff | 05.29.2018 @12:36pm
Tom Steyer Criticizes Pelosi, Won’t Deny 2020 Rumors

Tom Steyer, the liberal California billionaire running campaign-style ads that call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, believes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is “normalizing” the president by refusing to call for his ouster.

Steyer made the remarks on Politico’s “Off Message” podcast:

“The Founders gave us impeachment to answer a reckless, lawless, and dangerous president and every day that his behavior is accepted, every day that you don’t oppose it, it becomes enshrined as the way things are done. You have normalized this presidency, you have normalized his behavior,” Steyer said. “And then at the end of four years when you come out and, you know it’s inevitable, ‘It’s outrageous what he’s done.’ Really? Because for the last 1300 days you’ve kind of gone along with it. … How much credibility—I think there’s a question here.”

Steyer also compared his fight to impeach Trump to the civil rights fight, a tactic he used in a local CBS TV interview earlier this month.

In a separate interview with The Daily Beast, Steyer was asked about his own political ambitions. Many thought he might throw his name into the California gubernatorial mix, but instead he focused his efforts on his impeachment campaign and helping Democrats win back the House and Senate in 2018.

But the way in which Steyer is doing that is raising eyebrows. Steyer’s group, NexGen America, has spent more than $40 million promoting Steyer and is building a political army in traditional battleground states like Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, among others.

When asked if these might be mechanisms put in place to launch his own run for the White House, Steyer didn’t say no:

“I haven’t said anything about that,” he dodged, when asked if he’s keeping the door open for a possible presidential candidacy. “What I’ve said is I have no idea, and I’m not gonna talk about anything that may happen after November 6, 2018,”—the date of this year’s midterm elections in which the Democrats are hoping to sweep into the majority in the House of Representatives and possibly win the Senate as well.

“Because as far as we’re concerned, we’re all in.”

Pressed for more detail about his personal plans and dreams, Steyer demurred, “I don’t want to say one thing about anything after November 6…Because I don’t know what’s gonna happen on November 6. And you don’t know what’s gonna happen on November 6. I generally don’t talk about conditional outcomes, so I won’t say one word. We don’t know what the hell is gonna happen, or where it’s gonna lead us.”

As The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove noted, it “[s]ounds like a definite maybe.”

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