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Trial Lawyers Continue to Be an Issue for Roy Moore

The ex-chief justice of Alabama is catching heat for his years-long ties to trial lawyers, who often contribute to Democrats and take anti-business positions.

By NTK Staff | 09.11.2017 @4:30pm
Trial Lawyers Continue to Be an Issue for Roy Moore

Roy Moore, one of two contenders in the runoff for the Republican nomination to succeed Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate, has a trial lawyer problem.

An editorial published by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday exposed further ties between Moore and the Democrat-supporting trial lawyers of Alabama, a relationship that was first reported earlier in August.

The Journal editorial details how trial lawyers “value [Moore’s] disregard for judicial precedent and arbitration, which limits plaintiffs’ ability to sue in court.”

In 2001 Mr. Moore argued in a dissenting opinion that the Federal Arbitration Act doesn’t preclude plaintiffs from trying disputes in state courts even though the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled otherwise. He opined that federal courts have misconstrued the law. Alabama-based plaintiff attorney Jere Beasley of Beasley Allen called Mr. Moore’s dissent “the strongest thing I’ve read against arbitration.”

…Plaintiff attorneys ranked among Mr. Moore’s biggest patrons in 2012, making up about 20% of his haul, according to local news reports. Mr. Beasley and his partner, Greg Allen, both contributed $5,000 to Mr. Moore’s campaign in July.

NTK Network reported in August that Moore had the support of Alabama’s most prominent trial lawyer, ex-lieutenant governor of Alabama and Democrat Jere Beasley.‘s Howard Koplowitz reported late Wednesday that trial lawyer Jere Beasley, who has overwhelmingly supported Democrats in the past, is behind Moore in his Sept. 26 runoff with Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL).

…Beasley’s bio on his firm’s website calls him “one of the leading trial lawyers in the entire country.”

The controversies keep piling up for Moore. On Friday, CNN‘s KFILE reported that Moore has regularly appeared on the radio program of a pastor who “preaches” the death penalty for homosexuality.

KFILE also reported that in 2015 Moore didn’t answer a direct question from an interviewer about whether homosexuality “should be punished by death.”

The runoff election in Alabama, between Moore and Trump-endorsed candidate Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), is on Tuesday, September 26.

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