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Trump Admin Cites Clinton in Comey Firing

The Department of Justice (DOJ) criticized James Comey's handling of the Clinton investigation in its letter justifying Comey's dismissal, even though some say Comey helped Trump win.

By NTK Staff | 05.10.2017 @8:48am
Trump Admin Cites Clinton in Comey Firing

The Justice Department cited James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation in a letter that justified President Trump’s decision to fire Comey, the latest twist in an extraordinary saga that involves the FBI director and both major presidential candidates.

Central to the 12-paragraph letter Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote to President Trump, recommending the removal of Comey, is an explanation of how Comey’s decision to tell Congress he was reopening the Clinton investigation on October 28, 2016 was a ‘misstatement.’

Concerning his letter to the Congress on October 28, 2016, the Director cast his decision as a choice between whether he would “speak” about the FBI’s decision to investigate the newly-discovered email messages or “conceal” it. “Conceal” is a loaded term that misstates the issue. When federal agents and prosecutors quietly open a criminal investigation, we are not concealing anything; we are simply following the longstanding policy that we refrain from publicizing non-public information. In that context, silence is not concealment.

Clinton and her campaign have blamed Comey for her loss to Trump in November. Political observers like Nate Silver have also suggested Comey’s letter to Congress was to blame.

Still, many Republicans and Democrats in Congress are not buying that the Clinton investigation is the reason Trump fired Comey on Tuesday. Senate Republicans have said the decision and timing is “troubling.” Senate Democrats have suggested Trump is trying to cover up a smoking gun in Comey’s investigation of Trump-Russia ties.

When will we get answers from Comey? As of Wednesday morning, he is silent. Some members of Congress, though, want him to testify again.

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