Trump Announces More Aggressive Strategy Against Iran | NTK Network Trump Announces More Aggressive Strategy Against Iran

Trump Announces More Aggressive Strategy Against Iran

The president pledged that he would ensure that Iran never obtained a nuclear weapon and sanctioned the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

By NTK Staff | 10.13.2017 @2:23pm

President Trump announced Friday that he would institute a new strategy to contain the “full range” of the threat emanating from Iran, including terrorism sponsorship and ballistic missile development.

As a major part of his new strategy, Trump also pledged that he would place sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, an organization he called the Ayatollah’s “corrupt personal terror force and militia.”

The president signaled that he was dissatisfied with the current Iranian regime, hinting that he may pursue regime change as part of his broader strategy.

“Iran is under the control of a fanatical regime,” Trump warned. “This radical regime has raided the wealth of one of the world’s most vibrant nations.”

The president listed Tehran’s decades-long hostilities against the United States, from their seizure of the U.S. embassy in 1979 to their support for anti-American terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Iranian dictatorship’s aggression continues to this day,” he said. “The regime remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and provides assistance to al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist networks.”

Trump also pointed out that Iran could quickly pursue a nuclear weapon when the Obama-era nuclear deal expires. “Worst of all, the deal allows Iran to continue developing certain elements of its nuclear program, and importantly, in just a few years, as key predictions can appear, Iran can sprint towards a rapid nuclear weapons breakout.”

He threatened to terminate the deal if the United States and its allies could not negotiate a stronger deal.

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