Trump: DACA is 'Probably Dead' | NTK Network Trump: DACA is ‘Probably Dead’

Trump: DACA is ‘Probably Dead’

The president is skeptical that Republicans and Democrats can come together to codify the Obama-era program.

By NTK Staff | 01.14.2018 @11:08am
Trump: DACA is ‘Probably Dead’

President Trump cast doubt on the possibility of a DACA deal passing anytime soon with a tweet Sunday, saying the program is “probably dead.”

The firestorm over the president’s description of third-world countries as “shitholes” has energized Democratic demands for a ‘clean’ DACA bill, which would disregard all GOP demands.

Trump expressed frustration with the negotiations in a tweet:

Accusing Democrats of blatant political cynicism, the president identified their true motives as wanting to slice military spending. Whatever the motives of the parties involved, the escalating rhetoric will only make a deal on the Obama-era program harder.

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