Trump Economy Delivers for Rust Belt Areas | NTK Network Trump Economy Delivers for Rust Belt Areas

Trump Economy Delivers for Rust Belt Areas

A CNN analysis of economic growth found that Trump counties in the Midwest are benefiting from economic growth under the new president.

By NTK Staff | 01.24.2018 @2:58pm
Trump Economy Delivers for Rust Belt Areas

A new analysis from CNN shows that Trump voters in states formerly known as the notorious political “Blue Wall” have benefited from the economic growth occurring on the president’s watch.

Overall, the study found that much of the national economic growth under the Trump administration has occurred in areas that voted for Hillary Clinton.

CNN‘s Ronald Brownstein wrote that across the country, Clinton counties saw the most economic gains during the recent boom, but Trump’s policies aimed at “reviving manufacturing and promoting energy development, generally favors the smaller places over the large metros — many of which feel threatened by his initiatives, from restricting immigration and trade to limiting the deductibility of state and local taxes.”

Inside key swing states, the president appears to be succeeding, delivering job growth for the “forgotten men and women” of the United States:

In competitive states, the biggest exception to this pattern is the swing states of the upper Midwest: Trump counties accounted for a majority of the jobs in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio, and a majority of the output growth in the later two. And Trump counties provided most of the job and output growth in most Southern, Plains and Mountain states, where Clinton won shockingly few counties, from Alabama and Tennessee to South Dakota and Idaho.

On the backs of these counties in formerly-reliable blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump stunned Clinton in the 2016 election. If Trump continues to deliver economic growth for these areas, it will be tough for any Democratic challenger to flip the midwestern states back in 2020.

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