Trump, GOP Skyrocket in New Poll | NTK Network Trump, GOP Skyrocket in New Poll

Trump, GOP Skyrocket in New Poll

A new poll from Monmouth shows that Americans are liking what they're seeing from Trump and the GOP.

By NTK Staff | 01.31.2018 @5:30pm
Trump, GOP Skyrocket in New Poll

A new poll from Monmouth University shows promising news for the GOP in the early parts of 2018, with President Trump’s approval rating shooting up dramatically and congressional Republicans narrowing the 2018 generic House ballot gap with Democrats.

Here are the most striking numbers from the poll.

10: The rise in percentage points in Trump’s approval rating from last month. December’s Monmouth Poll had the president at 32 percent. Now, 42 percent approve of the job he’s doing.

2: The difference between congressional Republicans and Democrats on the generic 2018 House ballot. This marks a huge shift from December, when Democrats held a 15-point lead.

55: This percentage of Americans who believe Trump has been at least somewhat successful in moving his legislative agenda through Congress.

44: Approval for the GOP tax plan has shot upward this month to 44 percent , breaking even with its disapproval. Only 26 percent approved of the bill in December.

50: The percentage of Americans “optimistic” about the policies Trump will pursue in the rest of his presidency. Meanwhile, only 45 percent are pessimistic about the president’s future.

The poll occurred prior to the president’s well-received State of the Union address, meaning Republican support could climb even higher.

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