Trump: Nancy Pelosi is GOP's 'Secret Weapon' | NTK Network Trump: Nancy Pelosi is GOP’s ‘Secret Weapon’

Trump: Nancy Pelosi is GOP’s ‘Secret Weapon’

President Trump expressed hope that Democrats not change their congressional leader.

By NTK Staff | 02.05.2018 @4:07pm

After hearing about Nancy Pelosi’s description of thousands of dollars in bonuses for Americans as “crumbs,” President Trump told a crowd in Ohio that the House Minority Leader was the GOP’s “secret weapon” in the upcoming midterm elections.

“So Nancy Pelosi again said [tax cut bonuses are] crumbs,” the president said, hitting Pelosi for her vast wealth.

Trump then compared the “crumbs” comment to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 description of his supporters as “deplorables,” a link he formed last week.

“I think this is not a good day for Nancy Pelosi,” he commented. “She’s our secret weapon.”

The crowd laughed at the president’s remark, and he reaffirmed his statement. “I just hope they don’t change her,” Trump said. “There’s a lot of people who want to run her out, and she’s really out there.”

Republicans have consistently connected Pelosi to Democratic candidates in swing districts, successfully sinking Democrat hopes for a majority.

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