Trump Pays Tribute to Billy Graham at U.S. Capitol | NTK Network Trump Pays Tribute to Billy Graham at U.S. Capitol

Trump Pays Tribute to Billy Graham at U.S. Capitol

The legendary preacher laid in honor at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, as members of the government paid their respects.

By NTK Staff | 02.28.2018 @12:31pm

President Trump delivered an impassioned eulogy for Reverend Billy Graham at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, where the pastor laid in honor so America’s leaders could pay their respects.

The president recalled an instance when his father, Fred Trump, brought him and his mother to see one of Graham’s sermons at Yankee Stadium in New York City. “It was something very special,” he said.

“Americans came in droves to hear that great, young preacher. Fred Trump was a big fan,” he told the gathering in the Capitol rotunda.

Trump also praised the pastor for preaching the Gospel across the globe, bringing God’s word to the poor and oppressed.

“In 1978, with the support of the Catholic Bishop who would soon become Pope John Paul II, Reverend Graham went to Poland and spoke of the meaning of the cross to a people suffering under the soulless oppression of communism,” the president recounted. “He took his message to the poorest places, to the downtrodden and to the broken-hearted, to inmates in prison and to the overlooked and the neglected.”

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