Trump Praises Italy's 'Firm' Immigration Policy | NTK Network Trump Praises Italy’s ‘Firm’ Immigration Policy

Trump Praises Italy’s ‘Firm’ Immigration Policy

The president said that other European nations should follow Italy's lead and reject the flood of migrants flowing across the Mediterranean.

By NTK Staff | 07.30.2018 @1:15pm

President Trump, meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday, praised Italy’s hardline stance on immigration, saying the prime minister is doing a “fantastic job.”

“I agree very much [with] what you’re doing with respect to migration and illegal immigration and even legal immigration,” Trump told Conte, praising his “firm stance.”

“A lot of other countries in Europe should be doing it also,” he added. “Some have taken that stance a long time ago, and they’re doing a lot better.”

As migrants from North Africa complete the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea, many land and stay in Italy. Conte’s government has feuded with the European Union over the crisis, following a populist backlash to mass migration that elevated the prime minister to his current position.

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