Trump Praises Josh Hawley's Missouri Senate Campaign | NTK Network Trump Praises Josh Hawley’s Missouri Senate Campaign

Trump Praises Josh Hawley’s Missouri Senate Campaign

The president expressed optimism about the Republican's chances to take down Claire McCaskill.

By NTK Staff | 06.22.2018 @2:31pm

President Trump, in a meeting with governors on Thursday, praised Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s campaign to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

“I hear Josh is doing pretty well out there,” Trump said to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson. “I hear he’s doing really, really well.”

Parson confirmed the president’s optimism. “Josh is doing well. We’re working hard for him,” he said.

The Missouri governor emphasized infrastructure and jobs as the two priorities for his visit to Washington.

Hawley, a Republican, will take on McCaskill in November, in one of the top races in the country. McCaskill is one of 10 Democratic senators running for re-election in states that Trump won.

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