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Trump Prepares for War… With His Base?

In a Friday morning tweet, Donald Trump appeared ready to battle Freedom Caucus members who oppose his health care bill…

By NTK Staff | 03.24.2017 @11:19am
Trump Prepares for War… With His Base?

President Trump took a shot at conservative members of his own party Friday morning, calling out those who oppose the White House- and House leadership-backed health care reform bill:

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) is currently being debated in the House chamber, with a vote expected around 4:45pm on Friday.

The bill is backed by the president, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team. While Democrats are likely unified in opposition to repealing ObamaCare, they’re being joined by some moderate and some very conservative Republicans.

But by attacking Freedom Caucus members, Trump is going after the very members of Congress who backed his campaign early. Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN), for example, endorsed Trump earlier than most. He backed Trump’s candidacy on February 29, 2016. And, as the chart below shows, 68.6 percent of his district voted for Trump:

Freedom Caucus Trump Vote

As the above chart shows, DesJarlais is not alone either.

If past behavior is any indication of future actions, today’s showdown over health care could be setting up a fight between Trump and some of his most ardent supporters. The president does not take losses lightly, and likes to skewer those who oppose his agenda – particularly at campaign-style events.

If AHCA fails, will conservative voters blame Trump for siding with establishment leadership, or the Freedom Caucus for refusing to work with the president? The answer could shape the next few months (or years) on Capitol Hill.

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