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Trump Recognizes North Korean Defector at SOTU

In a powerful moment, the president paid tribute to a man who did all he could to flee North Korean oppression.

By NTK Staff | 01.30.2018 @11:07pm

President Trump, towards the end of a long State of the Union Tuesday night, concluded with the inspirational story of one North Korean defector, Ji Seong-ho who spent years fleeing the repression of the Kim regime.

Ji now lives in South Korea, and he aids other North Koreans looking to escape the oppressive nature of the North Korean regime.

The president summarized Ji’s harrowing story in his speech.

In 1996, Seong-ho was a starving boy in North Korea. One day, he tried to steal coal from a railroad car to barter for a few scraps of food. In the process, he passed out on the train tracks, exhausted from hunger. He woke up as a train ran over his limbs. He then endured multiple amputations without anything to dull the pain. His brother and sister gave what little food they had to help him recover and ate dirt themselves — permanently stunting their own growth. Later, he was tortured by North Korean authorities after returning from a brief visit to China. His tormentors wanted to know if he had met any Christians. He had — and he resolved to be free.

Seong-ho traveled thousands of miles on crutches across China and Southeast Asia to freedom. Most of his family followed. His father was caught trying to escape, and was tortured to death.

Trump called Ji “an inspiration to us all,” and remarked that the activist has a “new leg” but continues to keep his crutches.

As Congress delivered Ji a standing ovation, the Korean man held his crutches up for the world to see.

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