Trump Slams Democrats as Obstructionists | NTK Network Trump Slams Democrats as Obstructionists

Trump Slams Democrats as Obstructionists

The president called on Democrats and Republicans to come together to fix America's infrastructure.

By NTK Staff | 06.07.2017 @2:14pm

President Trump criticized Democrats for their “obstructionist” tactics at an infrastructure speech in Ohio on Wednesday.

“Boy, have they tried [to block], I mean every single thing,” Trump said of congressional Democrats.

“On health care, I won’t get one vote [from Democrats]. Obamacare is crashing. It’s dead. It’s in a death spiral, as the head of one of the biggest insurance companies said it was in a death spiral,” he said.

“We won’t get one Democrat vote. They’re just obstructionist. Every single thing is obstruction,” Trump continued, bashing the minority party.

Trump advised Democrats to take a different approach to governing, saying they should be “doing positive things.”

“That’s why they lost the House. They lost the Senate. They lost the White House,” the president added.

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