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Trump Takes The Gloves Off On Trade

Donald Trump fired an early and strong volley on his signature issue of trade, accusing Hillary Clinton of effectively abandoning U.S. workers.

By NTK Staff | 09.26.2016 @9:42pm

Donald Trump made trade an early and hard selling point in his pitch to voters at the Hofstra debate. In his response to Lester Holt’s first question, Trump talked about jobs going to Mexico and said he wants to “renegotiate our trade deals.”

Clinton responded by claiming Trump should “not assume that trade is the only challenge we have in the economy.”

They also brawled on Bill Clinton’s support for NAFTA and Hillary Clinton’s past support for TPP. Trump brought up New England, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states he claims have been impacted by trade.

If this exchange is any indicator of the first presidential debate, it will be a contentious night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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