Trump Thanks 'Leakin' Monster' Adam Schiff in Tweet | NTK Network Trump Thanks ‘Leakin’ Monster’ Adam Schiff in Tweet

Trump Thanks ‘Leakin’ Monster’ Adam Schiff in Tweet

The president usually just trashes Adam Schiff for his collusion obsession, but he added a thank you on Sunday.

By NTK Staff | 02.18.2018 @9:29am
Trump Thanks ‘Leakin’ Monster’ Adam Schiff in Tweet

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday to simultaneously slam and thank Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democratic member on the House Intelligence Committee.

In his first tweet, Trump labeled Schiff as a “leakin’ monster of no control” but expressed gratitude for the Democratic congressman’s acknowledgement that the Obama administration failed to deter Russian interference in the 2016 election:

Schiff told a gathering at the Council on Foreign Relations that the Obama White House “should have established a ‘more forceful deterrent’ against potential adversaries considering cyberattacks against the U.S. or its institutions,” according to NBC News.

Then in another tweet, Trump noted that he was a “great candidate” who beat “Crooked Hillary Clinton:”

The president sent several other tweets Sunday morning, critical of the FBI’s response to the Florida school shooting.

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